PINS Well Being Center

Susan M. Balingit, MD 
Traditional Filipino Healing Diet Expert

Rommel Tinio, MD
BS Bio Chemistry Nutritional Oncology

Gina Tinio, MD
Nutrinional Oncology

Joy Lara, MD
Family Medicine, Naturopathic Practitioner, Certified Comprehensive Iridologist

Eriberto Almonte, MD, Eye Surgeon

Jessica Cueto De Leon, MD, MPH, CMA

Ma. Elizabeth Micaller, PhD, ND, NMD, CCII
International Certified Iridology Instructor, Natural Nutritionist, Naturopath

Patricia C. Sision, PhD

Charissa N. Raneses, PhD, RN, ADS
Psycho Trauma Interventionist, Emotional Healing Coach

Reynaldo N. Veloria, PhD, NMD
Oncologist, Quantum Physics Engineer

MacGerald Cueto, MscD, MSAHP, CA

ADS-Metaphysician, TCMP, Acupuncturist

Liz Dorothy Echiverri Baes, Master Herbalist

Joaquin G. Tan

Reginette F. Viloria, MD RMT DPPS FPSA


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Unit 404 Richbelt Tower
Annapolis St. Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila


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