PINS Well Being Center

Semester/ Term 1
Anatomy and Physiology 1
Basic Pathology
Fundamentals of Naturopathy
Basic Detoxification
Phil Traditional Nutrition
First Aid, Emergency Care
Illness to Wellness
Semester/ Term 2
Anatomy and Physiology 2
Philippine Indigenous Practices
Overview of Naturopathic Practices
Nutritional Medicine 1
Comprehensive Iridollogy
Semester/ Term 3
Integrative Sclerology
Introduction to Accupuncture/ TCM
Body Mind Connection/ Energy Medicine
Nutritional Medicine 2
Supervised Clinical Training
Semester/ Term  4
Anamnesis and Clinical Assessemnt/
Nat Interpretation of Western Assesment tools
Hygine and Public Health
Wellness Couselling
Emotional Iridology
Nutritional Medicine 3
Tongue and Nail Analysis
Supervised Clinical Training
Semester/ Term 5
Herbology 1
Advance Detoxification/ Ear Accu Detox
Advance Naturopathic Emergency Skills
Introduction to Environmental Medicine
Nutritional Medicine 4
Supervised Clinical Training
Semester/ Term 6
Advance Herbology
Homeopathy and Tissue Salts
Aromatherapy/ Back Flower Therapy
Light and Electrotherapy
Pranic Healing
Soft Tissue Manipulation
Elective 1
Supervised Clinical Training
Semester/ Term 7
Introduction to Chiropractic Medicine
Infant Massage
Basic Enterprenurship
Elective 2
Supervised Clinical Training
Semester / Term 8
Healthy Culinary Arts
Dance and Art Therapy
DORN or Bowen Therapy
Elective 3
Supervised Clinical Training

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