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This course involves a paradigm shift from the pathology intervention model of mental health counseling. In the pathology intervention model, the emphasis is on evaluating, diagnosing, and treating psychological problems. Wellness counseling is more of prevention than intervention model, and involves imparting knowledge of overall good health in other areas than the psychological/emotional component. Wellness counseling integrates physical, social and spiritual health into the treatment model.

The purpose of wellness counseling is to assist individuals to maximize their quality of life and longevity, by discarding poor health habits and adopting healthy day to day practices. It encompasses a variety of good health practices: exercise, fitness, nutrition, smoking cessation. Sleep and rest, journal writing, spirituality, and connection and attachment to others. A primary goal of wellness counseling is the prevention and management of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, as all three of these disease categories are significantly influenced by diet, physical activity level, and other lifestyle factors, as well as genetic predisposition.


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