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Basic Course on the Hilot-Herbal Program

This module is designed to impart to the student a basic understanding and competence in bringing back harmony and balance to an individual through the Valuing Process, Hilot, and herbs. It tackles the natural process on how to determine imbalances in relation to the different organs and their functions, the different modalities practiced by the Albularyo and Manghihilot, the science behind these modalities, and the entry points for healing.


After the module, the students are expected to:
1. Apply the Valuing Process as part of the training on Hilot healing;
2. Understand the scientific framework behind Hilot healing and how the different natural laws affect the interaction of the four elements in the body;
3. Comprehend the concept of the body’s four elements—the cultural idioms, scientific definitions, the organs belonging to each element, and the functions of each one;
4. Know how the four elements of the body interact, the different processes in the body, and the concepts that govern them;
5. Determine imbalances using the different Hilot indicators;
6. Be familiar with the three stages in the application of Filipino herbal treatment, and the herbs related with each stage;
7. Apply the Hilot-Herbal modality to bring health to the client; and
8. Perform post-therapy analysis to determine the client’s condition towards the balancing of the four elements.


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