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The student will learn how the iris of the eye can be an assessment too.

Iridology is the study of the iris, or colored part, of the eye. This structure has detailed fibers and pigmentation that reflects information about our physical and psychological makeup. It identifies inherited dispositions (how our body reacts to our environment and what symptoms to expect), and future challenges (where we are likely to have more problems as we age). It also helps identify inherited emotional patterns, which can create or maintain physical symptoms, as well as identify lessons or challenges and gifts or talents available to us.

Accurate Iridology as taught by IIPA is an assessment tool that assists the practitioners in understanding the inherited tendencies a person is born with physically and emotionally. It helps us to understand why two people can follow the same diet, exercise program etc.. and one will do much better than the other. It allows us to understand the ways we have handled stresses in our lives and even what drives us to do what we do. it shows us where our genetically weak and strong parts of the body are. In fact, the eye even shows us where we have problems in the future if we do not make the needed changes in our lies in areas such as diet exercise stress management work conditions and more.

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