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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), with a history of thousands of years, is the crystallization of the ancient Chinese people's experience in their struggle against diseases. It is also an integral part of their splendid culture. Under the influence and direction of classic Chinese philosophies, it has undergone long-term medical practice and infiltrated into, as well as absorbed from, other subjects at that time, thus gradually evolving into a unique medical theoretical system that contributed significantly to the health care of the Chinese people and the prosperity of the Chinese nation.

This is a powerful course for anyone interested in the Differential Diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and it's uses today.

Aromatherapists, Body workers, Massage therapists, and other wellness practitioners benefit from incorporating this holistic perspective of the human energetic systems. Through recognition of patterns, TCM describes disharmonies without diagnosing disease.  By studying this material, patients of TCM practitioners can increase their understanding of the perspective of Chinese medicine, and participate more fully in 
their treatment.

This course also serves as the foundation on which our Chinese Herbology Intensive is built upon.

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