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Food preservation through the ages

Lactic fermentation is an ancient method used by many peoples throughout the world for preserving vegetables. Even before cultivating vegetables, man fermented wild plants.

Fermented vegetables have been prepared and consumed throughout history by people all over the world. 

Lacto fermented cabbage was already known in China some six thousand years ago and served as a staple food for those who built the Great Wall of China. Today the dish known as "sauerkraut" is still the German national dish.

Join the homesteading revival by learning the traditional art of vegetable fermentation! Fermented foods used to be a staple in homes across the country, and they're enjoying a big comeback in the last few years. Find out how you can enjoy the pleasures of simple, delicious ferments in this hands-on class.

We'll talk about why fermented foods are such an important part of your everyday diet, and how to safely make tasty, nutritious ferments in your own kitchen. You'll have a chance to taste homemade versions of sauerkraut, that robust German standard, Kimchi, Yogurt, Kefier, cottage cheese, etc.
10>NHC 301  Basic Eastern Assessment Tool - Tongue & Nails Analysis

Tongue and Nail Analysis

Through the tongue and fingernails, the human body clearly and visibly demonstrates potential imbalances in the body. Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, this seminar will analyze the tongue’s structure, lines and markings; it's color and coatings; and the different fingernail types, characteristics and color.

Learning the meaning of different characteristics of the  tongue and fingernails allows anyone to quickly and easily assess imbalances that may be unknown to the individual.

This is a very inexpensive tool to gather a large amount of information. By understanding and using the methods the Chinese have been using for thousands of years, the student will be able to incorporate the information from different sources, may it be through Iridology or face analysis and other methods.

You will never "look" at someone the same way again!

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