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Human Anatomy is the science that deals with the orientation of the human body. The student is given the skill to understand how the human body is divided into organs and systems. Learning entails the location of the body organs and at the same time a knowledge zeroing down on the basic cell. The cellular system is given emphasis in order for the future Naturopath to direct the healing down to the cellular level. Digestion within the cell, cell division, cellular activity, what kind of material will they expect from within and from without the cell. The future Naturopath is empowered on how to discuss in an internationally accepted medical language in reference to the subject matter.

Human Physiology on the other hand is the science that deals with the study of how the body works. If the cardiac muscles are different from the muscles of the intestines, what is the difference between their function? Is it possible for the food to reach the heart? NO? Why not? An analytical mind will be developed among the students of the course. They will be able to defend their answers and believe in themselves because they have a good grasp on the subject matter. The course is presented in TAG-LISH to be able to access the colloquial context of the body system. An example would be “intestinal intussuception- a telescoping of the small intestine to the large intestine”. Difficult to visualize? In colloquial term-“kinain ng malaking bituka ang maliit na bituka”. Learners will be able to translate this science in easy and understandable Tagalog.

Human Anatomy and Physiology is a 3 trimester course and is an academic requirement for those who have not taken it in college.

Class activities would be “Unahang Sumagot sa Tanong”, “Pinoy Henyo ala Anatomy and Physiology”, “ Mahuli Taya”, “Pataasan ng Number” and “ Tagalugin mo” and many more as part their recitation or quiz. Sharing of personal experiences in relation to the topics are always welcome. Learners are already given the chance to explore their Naturopathic Healing Techniques with given disorders.

The class is open for one “sit-in” session or a “discovery class”.

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