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If you wish to be a Certified Naturopath, you must know the beginnings of the science which you wish to practice. This course will explain in detail the whole history of Natural Medicine long before Dr. Benedict Lust called it Naturopathy. Be inspired by the actions of the first natural healers who gave up their lives to help heal the sick. Learn the 7 core values of Naturopathy, how these values were grouped together to form the basis of this art and science. Included in this course is a detailed explanation of the real cause of all ailments and the basic tools of healing. Once you learn these facts from this course, your concept of healing will forever be changed and you will see the beauty of using what is in nature to heal others.

In order to be a real Naturopath you need to know the history and the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine. In this course the objective is to ground the student to the 7 core values of natural healing and deeply understand these same values and start to live it in their daily life. Adequate studies will be presented to show that naturopathic modalities can be proven using scientific methods. The following are the main topics discussed in the course.

  • Women in the History of Medicine
  • Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine/ 2 Basic Philosophies of Medicine
  • Scientific Validation of Naturopathic Medicine
  • New Understanding of Alternative Medicine
  • Medical Freedom and the Politics of Health Care
  • Toxemia/ Basic Tools of Naturopathy
  • Healing Crises/ Herrings Law of Cure

Fundamentals of Naturopathy (Philosophy, History and Basic Tools of Naturopathy)

Naturopathy is a system of natural medicine which focuses on treating the underlying causes of disease by assessing and treating the patient as a whole. There is a strong focus on helping the body to return to optimum health via its own healing mechanisms. In the basic course of Fundamentals of Naturopathy we trace the growth of this mode of healing and study the core values and understand its basic tools. A deep understanding of vitalism and mechanism will be given to ensure that students internalize the real meaning of nature healing.

Naturopathy involves extensive analysis to discover the underlying cause of a patient’s condition. This includes understanding a patient’s symptoms, emotional status, diet and lifestyle to treat the patient from a holistic perspective. Within naturopathy, a modern scientific approach is applied alongside naturopathic principles, including the healing power of nature, to recognise the body’s capacity overcome disease. This course sets the needed basic characteristic for naturopaths and is a must take course for all aspiring Certified Naturopathic Practitioners.

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