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This course provides students with insights into the theory and application of concepts related to the profession of Naturopathic Emergency Services, including airway maintenance, client assessment, management of trauma clients, management of various emergency cases.

The Naturopathic Emergency Medicine core rotation is designed to introduce students to the principles of acute care services. Students have the opportunity to evaluate clients as well as formulate effective testing and therapeutic strategies. 


To understand the organization of Naturopathic Emergency Services.
To establish and maintain clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to quickly assess and manage emergencies.
To perform a complete and appropriate assessment of acutely ill clients, i.e. a well-organized history and physical examination.
To select appropriate investigations, including Natural Health Assessment Tool, with careful attention to client's safety, and interpret the results accurately and within its scientifically validated context.

Differentiate assessment of common illnesses presenting to emergency department.
To be familiar with the equipment and drugs used in emergencies and use naturopathic interventions in a safe, effective, appropriate and timely manner.

Demonstrate proficient and appropriate use of procedural skills in a Naturopathic way
Learning to establish good client-practitioner relationships in the acute care settings.

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