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I came to PINS to learn, to add tidbits of information into my own stock of knowledge in order to be able to be a better physician and educator to my patients. I know i cannot infuse all of my newfound knowledge into my practice of integrative medicine all at once but as the months go by, i became more confident in sharing what i learned and in seeing the small changes and benefits these advices bring to my patients, and most especially to myself and loved ones.


I have had the experience of learning from Dr. Beth Micaller, and learning from the best in her field makes one strive to do one's best too. Our classes are fun and relaxed and everyone is just eager to learn. Even the 'meriendas' become learning sessions because we would discuss the health benefits of the different recipes. And we would have a few minutes to discuss some cases and some controversial treatments and therapies out there.


Although i really cannot go into the program as intensively as the others, i feel that i am being enriched with every class that i attend and every interaction i have with my teachers, the pins staff, and my classmates.


Thank you PINS and more power to Dr. Beth Micaller and company!


-Dr. Glorybelle Molano
Lead Physician/Integrative Medicine Practitioner
The Longevity Center Chelation and Wellness Clinic, Inc.




“Why do we call it Alternative Medicine when it is the original medicine that man has been using for thousand of years?”

                As a student in NATUROPATHY, I find it very interesting to know about the Philosphy and Historical Foundation of NATUROPATHIC  MEDICINE. I am starting to know and appreciate the vegetables and plants around us in our natural nutrition class- UNDERSTANDING PHILIPPINE  TRADITIONAL NUTRITION and learning that there are those food that God intended for us to eat. In our HILOT  CLASS, I am learning the Philosophy, Spiritual, Emotional and Mystical before the physcial aspect that we generally know. Learning about our Iris and what it shows in IRIDOLOGY is just awesome as this tool is the key to preventive health. ENERGY MEDICINE has given me a deeper dimension in my faith. I am looking forward to learning more in NATUROPATHIC EMERGENCY SKILLS AND MOVING FROM ILLNESS TO WELLNESS.

                Thank you, Dr. Beth, for your work in putting together all the “ingredients” to come up with this ladderized program for Naturopathy Certification.

                                                                                                                                - Mary Ann Porquez, RN, Reflexologist

                                                                                                                                                Taguig, Mla.


 “My Voice” for PINS

Congratulations to PINS for launching the very first “Indigenous Naturopathic College Degree” in the Philippines - in cooperation with FLWI (La Salle Zobel).

I am privileged to be part of this pioneering class in NATUROPATHY. I believe, given the quality information which our teachers are imparting onto us on Natural Health, everyone can be their own doctor. Our professors were mostly Doctors and are all experts in their fields with years of experiences in barrio practices which they passes onto us. Trully indigenous in nature! Thank you much to my mentor Dra. Bethh Micaller for giving me this opportunity – God really work wonders on my dream CAREER!

I highly recommend this course for medical Doctors – particularly the Philosophy class, non-medical and lay people- particularly the Traditional Hilot and Anatomy & Physiology class, they whom would love to have and live abundantly in our healthy country.

Let’s all help contributing a drop of goodness in protecting our mother earth by firstly preserving and serving ourselves- change must truly start within us! Let’s all heal this land.

-JLyra, CI, NHC, Sta. Rosa, Laguna


I would like to say thank you! First to our God, for giving me an opportunity to study in PINS (Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Science), and, secondly to Dra. Elizabeth Micaller, Phd, ND, NMD, CCII for her passion in Naturopathic Medicine. She was a great blessing for me to have her as one of my Professors.

                I really enjoy the course. It changed my lifestyle and strengthened my energy. It’s really different. It’s a great help for my physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.

                I encourage everybody, especially those in medical fields, you must learn about Naturopathy. This will help you a lot . You can use it in your own self, family, in our coun try, and in the whole world at large.  It’s really amazing ang fantastic!

                God is good!  All the time!

-Karen Joy Galvez, RMT




When I took my Naturopathy classes, I never thought that I would learn so much more than just treating people using herbs or vegetable. There’s something much more than I have expected! Naturopathy as I found out, not only utilizes nature as a remedy, but it also make use of energy  that many people never knew existed and is part of our existence...

In my first month alone, I have alleviated myself of painful menstrual cycle. I just followed  my teacher in Nutrition class. It really works! This is the first time that  I have it like a breeze. Apart from that , I shed a few pounds in just few weeks of following the natural plant diet, especially diet given by Dra. Beth. I’m just here for a month and I can’t imagine the other benefits that is yet to come in studying Naturopathy .

Atma Namaste to all my Professors! I have had the privilege of being taught by such brilliant, passionate minds. They are really sharing their expertise in this realm. I am sure that my future is in good hands. I’m happy that I finally met my guru in health and spiritual bodies.

Naturopathy by PINS will not only address yourhealth but it is the best guidance for every soul who needs enlightenment, a good tool  for communion with the higher power “ MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE” and becoming one with the void by increasing your biological energy and finally be back again with the Creator, Divine Archited of the Universe.

Shanti, Love and Light,

-Maricel Borbe Morales, RN

Reiki Practitioner & Meditator

Calamba Laguna


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