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The Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS) has produced a whole day seminar in video form enumerating the various steps one can use in order to recover from addiction the natural way.  This has been called NARS standing for Naturopathic Addiction Recovery Seminar.  It is the simple way PINS can give back to the community and the country.

Due to the unprecedented number of drug users who have surrendered and long waiting period necessary for drug addicted Filipinos to receive government sponsored recovery treatment services, PINS developed a simple achievable natural program to help the addicted begin moving towards wellness. If the jails, arresting officers, mayors, barangays, etc. will provide this information to the addicted, they will be better prepared to have excellent outcomes during their future treatment or may even be weaned off the addiction totally.

It is important that the individuals who have surrendered begin a natural detoxification program which can provide the first steps for the rehabilitation process as a prerequisite to future successful drug addiction treatment services.

The PINS guidelines for healing involves three aspects of being; body, mind and spirit. All substance users and abusers at any level (recreational user or hard core addict) will benefit by following these steps because NATURE HEALS.  The focus of the Naturopathic Addiction Recovery Program can be a pre admission list of suggestions to begin on the path to healthy living.

Government sponsored residential or outpatient treatment services will provide therapies such as counselling, behaviour modification and learning new coping skills for life’s stressors, etc.   However, addicted persons currently on the Waiting List can be ask to focus on the detoxification of the substances that will lead to improved health and ability to successfully complete future addiction treatments.


What is NARS?

NARS is a video recording of the basic tenets of natural healing made easy to remember by categorizing them by “doctor” groups. PINS teaches natural detoxification and the initial phase of restoring health through the tenets of “Seven Doctors”.  Imbalance occurs in the body when any of these aspects of life are ignored or abused. The NARS video is over 7 hours and it is suggested that the local LGU plan a whole day affair for the surrenderees to listen to the whole video to give them a head start in their healing process.

Elizabeth Micaller, PhD, ND, long tenured Founder & CEO of the Philippines Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS) is a global scholar and international awardee in the Alternative Medicine arena and PINS is the first Naturopathic institute certified by the Department of Health through PITAHC. For this project Dr. Micaller has elicited the collaboration of other professionals to aid in presenting some solutions for this national health epidemic of drug addiction. These are:

Susan Balingit, MD, Maria Alicia Jessica de Leon, MD, Joy Lara, MD, Liz Dorothy Echiverri Baes Certified Chemist and Master Herbalist, MacGerald Cueto, PhD, Patricia C. Sison PhD, and Shirley Quevado, MA.

NARS is offered FREE across the nation and all PINS asks is for a written agreement to capture research data to help establish that the core values of Naturopathy work. An online survey will be asked to be completed after the viewing of the seminar. Instructions will be given when the video is downloaded.

Pins further requests that for the FREE usage of the video that the organization or government entity agree in writing to:

  • Watch the video in its entirety so the whole process of natural detoxification can be learned and practiced.

  • Participate and answer the survey questions after watching the video to help gather research data to provide feedback that will help PINS improve the program and  help establish that Nature Heals.

  • Encourage each participant to answer the survey

  • Download and share the prepared NARS reminders guidebook so participants may remember the suggestions given in the video

  • Request family members to listen to the same video so there can be support at home and

  • That any information issued will retain the label-provided by Philippines Institute of Naturopathic Sciences

Unmet National Needs:

Given the present circumstances of lengthy waiting lists for drug rehabilitation across the nation and an inadequate number of addiction professionals, PINS developed a Para-Professional Naturopathic Addiction Recovery Coach (PP-NARC) Certification Course.

This educational course was developed as a means for the Philippines to quickly and efficiently deal with the critical and emergent healthcare issue to immediately mobilize and train Naturopathic Addiction Recovery Coaches as resources to promote recovery for the addicted.

There are as many models for drug treatment as there are treatment centers. In a country like the USA where 120,000 people die a year (or 350 a day) from addiction, the odds are still good you will move through this phase of life to recover and live another day. However, in our country where a new death penalty may be implemented for drug trafficking, even recreational use of drugs just became much more dangerous and in and of itself life-threatening.


There is no standard definition of drug rehab; instead it’s a generic word for a wide variety of treatments, including some that are outrageous. Tough-love programs in which patients are made to scrub bathroom tiles with a toothbrush or cut grass with scissors? Even in more-typical rehabilitation programs, patients are not seen by licensed practitioners — no doctors or psychologists — only self-anointed “experts” within the known Twelve Step Programs with no training or credentials, unless you count their own recoveries from heroin, alcohol or other drugs. The bigger problem with Twelve Steps is that a growing body of scientific evidence has proven that addiction isn’t an issue of willpower alone but a brain malfunction that is chronic, progressive and can be fatal. Most researchers agree that no single therapy is appropriate for every addict. Often they are used in concert.

Understanding addiction and the relationship to brain health is the cornerstone of NARS and the Para Professional Naturopathic Addiction Recovery Coach certificate course (PP-NARC), this is key to recovery for all people. It is a holistic vantage point that reflects the integration of all aspects of our lifestyle from what we eat, to how we live and even our consumer choices. The approach of using a Naturopathic Recovery Model for drug treatment is one that has no side-effects by adding additional prescription drug regimes. The body needs to repair itself to be restored to optimal functioning. If one couples a detoxification regime, understanding of the dangers of chemicals in our lives, eliminating drugs and alcohol, with crisis counselling and a person-centered approach to personal growth and development, addicted persons will learn more about their disease than ever before and how to maintain their lives drug-free.


The first line of defence for this healthcare crisis is having a well-educated and prepared counselling team that can assist the drug addicted across the Philippines recover their health and lives. This program is consistent with the naturopathic medical model and is a holistic approach to lifestyle improvements. Given the emergent need to train counsellors this proposal resolves the problems with (1) a new level of naturopathic drug recovery coach certification earned at PINS, and (2) creates a common sense approach to addiction treatment that is natural and free of side-effects and will cause no harm.


NARS is the timely first step in the process of healing our wayward brothers.  Let’s help them.  All you need to do is inform the LGU’s and establishments that are doing drug rehabilitation that this video now exists and is FREE. Just visit and follow the given download instructions. And for those who wish to be certified as a Para-Professional Naturopathic Addiction Recovery Coach please visit  Since there is such a great need for these coaches, the MEM Natural Healing Foundation will match all donations for full course scholarships to qualified health workers, please call Emma at 0917-847-1949 for more details.

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