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The Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS) will present American, Dr. Nikki Isaacs,  as guest speaker at the Philippines College for the Advancement of Medicine Meeting (PCAM) on April 29th, 2015, where she will give an introduction to  a new recovery and medical paradigm she calls Celestial Medicine. She will also be the main speaker at the two day intensive PINS seminar on  ADDICTION RECOVERY  on May 8th and 9th, 2015 at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC). 

Addictions are not just the known drug, alcohol, smoking and gambling.  The following are also considered addictions: sex and relationship, work, exercise, shopping, internet and video games, food – sugar, chocolate and synthetic additives, and hoarding among others. It is said that everyone has an addiction one way or another.

  Dr. Isaacs is an evolutionary psychologist, a systems scientist and an international healthcare consultant providing services to the former Soviet Union, Mexico, Tanzania, Africa and various corporations and nonprofit entities. She is also a research scientist, an ex-warden and a forensic handwriting expert with 30 years experience. She has worked extensively with indigenous populations across the U.S. from the Dakotas to Alaska.

 In 1990 Nikki was hired by South Central Foundation and the United States Congress to open the first Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention Program in the nation, located in Anchorage, Alaska. She provided leadership through the public hearing process petitioned to have laws changed and created a model program for pregnant women and dependent children to gain admittance to drug and alcohol treatment as a family unit; a model that has since been replicated across the United States.

After personal failure with 12 step groups, Nikki slayed her own demons of cocaine and food addictions, going on to lose over 150 pounds.Earning her doctorate in 2000 at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Institute in San Francisco, CA, she became an environmental expert examining the ways that the ingestion of environmental toxins can mimic psychiatric disorders. It was during this recovery process that she discovered she was also addicted to her Western Civilization lifestyle. She began learning new habits and how to live a more sensible lifestyle, off the grid, that was more green, while she healed her other issues. Her experiences and emerging philosophy became the embryonic beginnings of Celestial Medicine; a 21st century treatment modality linking the limited mind-body-spirit connection to the human habitat: Earth.The mind-body-spirit-planetary connection or Celestial Medicine emerged, based on data from the World Health Organization that 60% of illness is environmentally linked. Celestial Medicine was developed and designed to heal people and the planet concurrently; one personal and planetary goal at a time. Learn about Dr. Isaacs’ hero’s journey in her book The Cosmic Boomerang; Celestial Medicine-Rx for 21stCentury Makeover, where she presents information wearing multiple hats: a research scientist; a whistle blower revealing corruption and betrayal of our food resources; a story teller; and a fellow traveler on the twisted and sometimes crazy road of life, with her aim being to help all life forms be as healthy as possible.

The opportunity to be present for the unveiling of the new alternative health paradigm is a historic moment you won’t want to miss! Whether you are a medical provider, challenged with addictions, lost a loved one to an overdose, a business owner or government official, it would be prudent to learn the implications of the emerging health paradigm that is so potent it will change the way the world approaches medicine and business in the future. Dr. Isaacs is an entertaining, inspirational, thought-provoking and revolutionary thinker, providing many natural health solutions for the 21st century and beyond. She will address topics such as:

  • a revised medical paradigm for the new millennium;
  • nontraditional approaches to addiction recovery;
  • the conspiracy to steal your health;
  • the biology of belief;
  • beyond psychobabble - brain health made easy;
  • nutritional repair for many maladies;
  • how to reboot your brain for optimal performance.

Additionally, Dr. Isaacs has created an international interactive gaming venue, named Planet Medics that creates an artificial buffer from the ecocrisis so people can begin to engage in creating healing goals for themselves and the planet in a fun, interactive manner that will promote better health for all life forms. The seminar will provide a FREE training for Planet Medics team leaders, called Global Ambassadors. The training is a gift from Dr. Isaacs to the Philippine people. The training will be an online course, in the future. You will find her unique gaming approach to tackling the ecocrisis one person, business or household at a time unlike anything devised by over 250,000 environmental groups across the planet. Dr. Isaacs uses a psychological approach as a teacher, coach, guide, spiritual mentor and scientist without making the task at-hand feel overwhelming.

Nikki lives on a small ranch in Northern Nevada outside Reno, Nevada. She has a greenhouse and grows organic vegetables year round. Nikki also likes to oil paint and sculpts, as well as makes organic soaps and lotions. Dr. Isaacs is an environmental activist and longtime member of the Union of Concerned Scientists and many other environmental organizations. One of Nikki’s long-term ranch residences was 100% off-grid. She is now designing the installation of wind and solar power for her current residence.

PINS has made a commitment to bring the leaders in natural healing in other countries to the Philippines and this is again another big event that would definitely make an impact in our quest for perfect health.

If you or a loved one is suffering from any of the addictions mentioned, we urge you to sign up immediately and avail of the early bird specials for the seminar.  Call or text Lira at 0939-261-1465 or register at


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