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Republic Act no 8423 which was passed in 1998 is now bearing fruit as Philippine Institute for Traditional and Alternative Health Care, (PITAHC); the government owned organization mandated to implement the law on traditional healing has again recently completed the standardization of Naturopathy after approving Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Homeopathy.  

Naturopathy is a system of natural medicine which focuses on treating the underlying causes of disease by assessing and treating the patient as a whole. There is a strong focus on helping the body to return to optimum health via its own healing mechanisms. Within naturopathy, a modern scientific approach is applied alongside naturopathic principles, including the healing power of nature, to recognise the body’s capacity to overcome disease.

The standardization and implementing guidelines for certification as a Naturopathic practitioner, training centres and clinics are now ready.  Practitioners who have been using this modality in the past can apply for certification. This will pave the way for a level playing ground for the many that have been using traditional naturopathic practices for many years and be recognized for their exceptional capabilities using knowledge transferred down from one generation to another.

 Applicants are urged to check the PITAHC website and also for details on how to be certified. The CNP or Certified Naturopathic Practitioner certification include a detailed list of the educational background and degrees obtained by applicant, any licensure examination taken, work experience which are naturopathy related and trainings and seminars that are also naturopathy related.  Practitioners who apply should know and practice the basics of naturopathy, must know the history and philosophy of the science and must have adequate learnings on natural nutrition, body – mind integration and submit a list of 100 patients where naturopathic methods were utilized. Please note that using an alternative modality does not make a doctor or a practitioner a Naturopath immediately. This science has its own fundamental guidelines and in order to be called a naturopath, one must possess and practice the basics.

The Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS) has also been approved as a certified training centre for Naturopathy.  PINS has on site courses and also recently launched its initial line up of on line courses giving the opportunity for natural healing students in the provinces to complete the requirements to become a Certified Naturopathic Practitioner (CNP).  Since it is impossible for many of our practitioners to leave their own centres to learn and update themselves with the advances in natural healing, PINS has completed an affordable and ladderized pathway to qualify for a certificate. This modern study mode offers ultimate flexibility since teaching and learning takes place at your own time and pace wherever you are.  It eliminates a lot of extra costs like travel but guarantees the same quality learning as an on-campus course.

Applicants are requested to log on at and check out the courses currently available.  More modules will be uploaded within a few weeks.  Aside from the on line courses, PINS also offers on site live classes on other subjects necessary to complete the requirements for a certificate.  All the courses are taught by experts in the field to ensure that the knowledge shared has been tested by the teacher practitioner. On campus live courses offered now are Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Medicine Level 1, Comprehensive Traditional Hilot 1 and 2, Anatomy and Physiology Level 2, Overview of Naturopathic Modalities, Natural Assessment Tools and Fundamentals of Herbology.  Students too can catch up with ongoing courses on Healthy Culinary Arts and Sciences and Body-Mind Integration.  Course descriptions are all available at the PINS web site,

The beauty of being recognized and being able to get a government certification on Naturopathy is that there are many centres and medical clinics looking for Naturopathic Practitioners to expand their services as more and more people seek to integrate natural methods with allopathic procedures, thus a career path as a CNP is available for graduates of any health science or even to anyone who wishes to change career at any age.  Everyone is welcome to learn and please call or text Jean Oria, PINS Director of Student Affairs at 09178523646 and 09223957373 for more details.

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