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 Naturopathy is a distinct method of wholistic healing, underpinned by a philosophical perspective which recognizes that all living forms possess a self-regulatory, inherent ability for self-healing. This inherent ability, or vital force, operates in an intelligent, orderly fashion. Naturopathic approaches to health care are aimed at supporting and enhancing the body’s own ability to heal itself.

From this definition we therefore have to ensure that the applicants for CNP and CMN to have the following minimum courses/ learning hours that he/she should have been taken in the past.

  1. Basic  Anatomy and Physiology Course - 5 units or a minimum of 96 hours
  2. Adequate knowledge of the Fundamentals of Naturopathy encompassing information on the history, philosophy and the fundamental tools of Naturopathy - 6 units or 100 hours
  3. Adequate knowledge of our own Philippine Traditional and indigenous Naturopathic practices. 3 units or 36 hours
  4. Adequate knowledge and practice of the connection of the body and the mind relationship – 6 units or 100 hours ( example: knowledge of Reiki, Pranic Healing and others)
  5. Adequate knowledge and practice of Natural Nutrition and the basic foods to suggest depending on the deficiencies of the client. At least 6 units 100 hours
  6. Adequate knowledge of the other healing practices used by Naturopathy. 6 units or 100 hours (eg. Acupuncture, TCM, Homeopathy, etc..)
  7. Must have adequate knowledge on the professional ethics for Naturopaths and basic entrepreneurial skills for operating a centre. At least 3 units or 36 hours
  8. Submit the required 100 cases signed by client/patient showing analysis/diagnosis and therapy given and results,  over a span of at least 3 years or more  practice.


Lecture or seminar hours of various subjects: PITAHC Competency standard requirement: 1100 hours

Grandfathering minimum requirement: 450 hours ( the above list total to 568 hours which is my preferred minimum)

Practicum:  400 hours represented by the 100 cases

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