PINS Well Being Center

  1. A certification examination will now be required for all applicants and the following topics will be&covered together with the number of questions per subject.
    1. Basic Health sciences 50 questions
    2. History of Naturopathy 10 questions
    3. Fundamentals of Naturopathy 30 questions
    4. Naturopathic Modalities 10 questions
    5. Body, Mind and Spirit Interaction 10 questions
    6. Natural Nutrition 50 questions
    7. Natural Assessment Tools 10 questions
    8. First Aid and Emergency Care 10 questions
    9. Hygiene and Public Health 10 questions
    10. Professional Ethics 10 questions
  2. Qualification of Naturopathy Faculty of Certified Training Centers
    1. Expertise in the field
    2. Experience in teaching or units in Education as determined by program director
    3. Moral and intellectual integrity
  3. Student qualifications
    1. 72 units of baccalaureate program or completion of K+12 program
    2. Moral and intellectual integrity
  4. Renewal of Certification
    1. 15 units of CPE per year
    2. CPE units can be obtained from PITAHC accredited training program.

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