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In order to get the Natural Health Coach (NHC), Certified Naturopathic Practitioner (CNP) and Certified Medical Naturopath (CMP) certificates, one has to complete a given standard set of hours of didactic learning and perceptorship. The following are the requisites for each level.


1. Natural Health Coach (NHC)

In order to get this certificate level it is needed that you have at least 800 hours of basic courses of Naturopathic Medicine and 300 hours of practicum work. Depending on your past studies and experiences this will enable you to be a Health Advocate who can be hired as a Naturopathic Clinic Associate. Many clinics are owned by Medical Doctors who wish to incorporate naturopathic modalities but they do not have the time to do the actual studies themselves. Completing this course opens this job opportunity. We recommend this Certificate course to those who have the desire to help others through healing but do not have the means to get a 4 or 9 year course on medicine. 

2. Certified Naturopath Practitioner (CNP)

The needed hours for this certificate are a minimum of 2000 hours, 1500 of which will be didactic and the balance will be practicum. the PINS requirement to get this Certificate is so much more that what is required by PITAHC but we feel that in order to be fully qualified as a Naturopath Practitioner one should be well grounded in all the basic sciences and the various modalities used in natural healing. The curriculum for this certificate is so well rounded that a graduate will definitely be an asset to the community and most especially to their own families and loved ones.

3. Certified Medical Naturopath (CMP)

The many allopathic doctors who wish to legalize their practice of Naturopathic Medicine and as Naturopathic Healers can now legally be given a Certificate as a Medical Naturopath. The many years of study that the medical doctors in regular universities is recognized and given credit but they need to know the basics of Naturopathy including the history, philosophy and the basics of Nutrition as we know that regular medicine does not have units in this important aspect of healing.
The minimum number of hours needed for this Certificate is 1500 hours and its 1000 for lectures and didactics and at least 500 for practicum exercises.
We desire to have all doctors who wish to integrate naturopathic medicine to join us either through our on line or on site courses. We need healers who understand the ways of nature but at the same time know how to handle emergencies which is the expertise of allopathic medicine.

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