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Dr. Bethh has been called a natural health visionary because she was one of the pioneers in this field having been an advocate of natural and alternative medicine as early as 30 years ago.  When no one was looking at the effects of the modern diet, she was deep into a lifestyle of healthy organic foods to have both a healthy mind and body.

This keen interest on all things natural brought her to investigate study and practice many seemingly new methods of healing, but in reality were all traditional methods of older generations.  She endlessly explored and is still currently studying new developments and findings on health and natural nutrition, acquiring her Naturopathic Degree, her Doctorate in Iridology, and masters in Natural Nutrition all from the United States.  The journey brought her to introduce the colonic machine here in the Philippines in 1984, she read the iris of thousands after she mastered the art of Iridollogy from Dr. Bernard Jensen, she successfully build the first full pledge natural healing center, the Organix Center for Effective Living, in 1990 complete with a healthy gourmet restaurant, health food store,  sports gym with special beds for the impaired to be able to move without too much effort, medical clinic offering chelation and natural remedies, dental clinic, colonics, Iridollogy reading, and a complete stay-in detoxification center. 

Currently, Dr Bethh has decided to focus on teaching and sharing what she says is between her ears and she has established PINS or the Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences which offers a certificate course for natural health enthusiasts to be Certified Naturopath Practitioners(CNP).     She has received the necessary international credentials from various international institutions to teach the modalities that are taught in PINS. She is the author of the book “Capture Perfect Health” and all the textbooks of the courses she teaches in PINS.

Aside from teaching, she is currently completing other books on how to reverse diabetes easily and naturally in 90 days or less, how to understand blood tests for optimum health, and how to be a happy and healthy vegetarian.  We can say that Dr. Bethh is a continuously evolving student, teacher, and practitioner of natural healing.

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