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DATE OF BIRTH:14 January 1958

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry,

                         University of the Philippines,

                         Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

                         Graduated May 1978

                        Master Herbalist

                        Global College of Natural Medicine

                         Santa Cruz, California, USA

                     Graduated September 2012

PROFESSIONAL STATUS: Licensed Chemist (License No. 0007117-97)

Philippines Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

Board Certified Master Herbalist (Certificate No. 30836)

American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB)


Medical Herbalism and General Nutrition

Infant Nutrition and Manufacturing

Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation; Method Development and Validation; Method Transfers

Laboratory Compliance – Laboratory Management Systems; Qualification of Laboratories; Proficiency Testing; Collaborative Studies

Regulatory Compliance – Infant Formula Manufacturing; Product Development and Innovation; Commissioning Manufacturing Plants and Laboratories; Sensory Evaluation; Stability Programs and Testing

Quality Systems; Product and Technology Transfers; Project Management; Statistical Analysis; Training and Team Building           


2012-present            Master Herbalist practice

                                    Board Certified by ANMCB in March 2013

2006-2010                AssociateDirector

                                 Analytical/Technical Services

                                   Global Nutrition Quality Operations

                                   Wyeth Regional Manufacturing Singapore Pte Ltd


11.     Collaborative Study with People’s Republic of China (PRC) on analytical methods for macro nutrients, vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients, trace elements and residues. Collaborative Study involved Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Harbin Dairy Laboratories with all Wyeth plants which supplied China – Askeaton (Ireland), Philippines, Singapore and Shanghai/Suzhou.

12.     Method Harmonization Project across five (5) Wyeth labs (Ireland, Mexico, China, Singapore, Philippines) and four (4) third party laboratories (Covance USA, Covance Singapore, AsureQuality New Zealand, AsureQuality Singapore, Ordesa Spain) to ensure compliance to specifications of the Code of Federal Regulations for Infant Formula.

13.     Final validation of pilot new methods and subsequent analytical transfer to plant laboratories.

14.     Proficiency Testing to ensure compliance to internal Wyeth standards as well as relative to “international standards” in dairy testing, in general, and infant formula, in particular.

15.     Annual Product Review (actual trends of laboratory results across different sites versus formulations) to ensure consistent global compliance to specifications of nutrients of infant formula.

16.     Global Control Program – to ensure compliance of laboratory checks on all testing on a daily basis.

17.     Qualification of Contract Labs – AsureQuality (New Zealand), AsureQuality (Singapore), Covance (Singapore), and Ordesa (Barcelona, Spain).

18.     Commissioned the analytical laboratory of the new Wyeth plant in Suzhou China.

2004-2006           Senior Nutrition Project Manager

                             Projects Management

                             Global Operations

                             Wyeth Nutrition USA


11.     Technical Transfers of different products from pilot plant to different manufacturing plants or third party contract manufacturers – ensure compliance to master formulation and process parameters and specific regulatory requirements of finished product per country/market, as needed – eg., Philippines to Arla, Denmark; Askeaton to Mexico; Askeaton to Fonterra New Zealand; Philippines to Shanghai

12.     Worked closely with senior management/global business strategy operations and marketing groups to ensure availability of products to the market to meet scheduled product launches.

13.     Led investigations and troubleshooting problems during subsequent commercial runs, if any, on product transfers to ensure compliance to master formulation and defined process parameters as well as regulatory requirements of infant formula.


2000-2004            Manager

                              New Products and Process Development

                             Wyeth Philippines Inc.


11.     Worked closely with Wyeth Nutrition central R&D group who developed new products based on nutrition research. Involved in pilot plant scaling up of R&D projects and subsequent pilot commercial runs in the Philippines operating plant.

12.     Reviewed master formulations of all products in the Philippines to ensure compliance of specifications and actual results to regulatory requirements.

13.     Finalized master formulations of pilot plant MFs to ensure compliance to local market requirements before manufacturing plant scale up.

14.     Launched new products in the Philippines (S-26 Gold, Promil Gold, Progress Gold, Bonakid, Promil Kid, S-26 Lactose Free) – as the R&D lead in the manufacturing plant.

15.     Innovation of manufacturing procedures to ensure compliance to GMP requirements both from Corporate HQ and from Regulatory and ensured completed registration before product is scheduled to launch.

16.     Developed sensory panel testing and trained and built sensory panel members as well as established consumer acceptance testing for new products.

17.     Trained QA/QC and production personnel on dairy manufacturing processes; basic chemistry on fats, carbohydrate and proteins; raw materials processing and specifications and potential contamination; and nutrient requirements at different stages of the child – infancy, toddler, kid.

1994-1999                  Manager

                                   Quality Assurance Chemistry Laboratory

                                      Wyeth Philippines Inc.

1990-1994                           Laboratory Management Systems (LMS)Specialist

                                   Corporate Technical Services Division

                                      San Miguel Corporation, Philippines

1986-1989                          Senior Chemist

                                  Wright Chemical Corporation, Drew Division,

                                  Ashland Chemicals, Chicago, Illinois, USA

1980-1986                         Senior Laboratory Technician

                                   Research Analytical Laboratory

                                  University of Minnesota

                                  St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

1978-1980                           Instructor

 Department of Chemistry

University of the Philippines at Los Banos

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