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PINS Well Being Center

Rommel H. Tinio, M.D.

  • Integrative Medicine
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Mind Body Medicine/Stress Management
  • Translational Medicine (Nutraceuticals)

Present Affiliations:

Dr. Tinio’s Health Asia Medical Clinic (2004-Present)
Medical Director

Basic Newtriceuticals Corporation (2011- Present)
Director for research and development

Filipino Si Juan Foundation (2012)
Medical consultant- in-charge of the wellness component

Family Life and Wellness Institute of De La Salle University –Dasmarinas
Courses on Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine Faculty

Wellness Essentials (Present)
Wellness Center, Daang Hari, Alabang Muntinlupa City
Medical Consultant

Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila
Applied for a teaching position in the College of Medicine - Biochemistry

Natureceuticals Corporation (2009-2010) - President and Director for research and development
A corporation providing high quality nutraceuticals products and technical product training to local and international marketing companies

Vital C Health Products, Inc. (2008-2009) - Medical director
A company involved in the distribution Vitamin C preparation. The medical director was in-changed of production, preparation of technical product materials and product training of distributors in the different parts of the country.

O.M.M.I. Medical & Health Services (1994-2003) - Medical consultant
A clinic that provided exclusively natural remedies to local and foreign patients. It has facilities for both in-house and out-patient medical management. It specializes in chronic degenerative conditions especially cancer. It is a center for nutritional oncology and detoxification.

Stress Management Center (1994-2000) – Medical consultant
It was the first clinic in Makati to offer medical stress management.

Pan-American Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine, LTD, Nevis West Indies (1994- -1996) - Post graduate course on Complementary / Alternative Medicine

Occupational Physician, Philippine Cornersteel, Inc. (MediKard Phils.), (1994 -1995) – Medical consultant

Philippine College Occupational Medicine (1993) - Post graduate Basic course on Occupational Medicine

Philippine Behaviour Centre Foundation (1991-1994) – Executive Director

Philippine Behavior Centre, Inc. (1990-1994) – Medical Consultant

Post graduate internship course, Ospital ng Maynila (1988)

California Manufacturing Company, Inc., maker of Lady’s choice products (1980) - Quality control technician

U.S.T. Research Center – National Research Council of the Philippines research grant on Philippine medicinal plants. (1979) – Research assistant

Education/Degrees attained
B.S. Biochemistry – University of Santo Tomas (UST) 1979
Doctor of Medicine – Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) 1987 Full scholar of the City of Manila, 1st batch
Masters in Business Administration (MBA) - Ateneo School of Business 1994 (5 trimesters)

Passed the PRC Licensure examination for Physician (1989)

Resource Speaker/Lecturer:

  • Nutritional therapy
    • Nutritional Oncology
    • Health, Wellness and Detoxification
    • Weight management
    • Nutritional management of chronic and degenerative diseases
  • Use of Nutraceutical Products in health and diseases
    • Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C)
    • Garlic, Omega 3, Co-Enzyme Q10, L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Cetylated fatty acid
  • Structural Integration for Health and diseases
    • o Relaxation massage
    • o Deep tissue massage
  • Practical uses of Philippine herbs
  • Management of Dengue and other viral infections with the use of natural remedies
  • Practices in Integrative Medicine
  • Nutritional therapy (Nutritional oncology)
    • Diet/vegetable juicing
    • Supplementation (Orthomolecular)
    • High dose Vitamin C infusion
    • Chelation therapy
    • Mitochrondrial (cell energy) therapy
  • Hyperthermia therapy – radio frequency (RF)
  • Ultrasonic therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
    • Dry skin brushing and Ozonized steam therapy
    • Colon hydrotherapy
    • Enemas
  • Structural Integration
    • Rolf method
    • massage
    • Aromatheraphy
    • Cranio-sacral therapy
  • Mind Body Medicine
    • Counselling
    • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Brain nutrition therapy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Auricular acupuncture
    • Wet and Dry cupping
  • Electro-acupuncture diagnostics and therapy
  • Health analysis using Fourier Transform Spectroscope
  • Iridology and Sclerology

Nutraceutical Preparations Produced

  • Ceefadin SA
  • Right-Cee
  • Basic-C
  • Forever Green C
  • Nutriwell C
  • Cellenergy Formula
  • Garliplex
  • Sugar 35 (cocosugar)

On-going Researches

  • Therapeutic use of high dose Sodium Ascorbate in Dengue fever/Dengue Hemorrhagic fever/Dengue Shock Syndrome
  • Rehabilitation of mitochondrial energy production using nutraceutical Preparations
  • Enhancement of liver detoxification using intravenous and oral routes

Community Services

  • Dengue Helpline – a personal support endeavour for dengue patients especially those who are hospitalized and indigent. A text and call helpline to guide families on what to do to prevent hospitalization or shorten confinement and prevent death. The helpline also provides free Vitamin C to indigent patients. This is supported by friends sympathetic to the cause.
  • Conducts talks/lectures to Medical groups, private organizations, Universities/Colleges, Government agencies, Barangays and NGOs on wellness, preventive medicine and Dengue.
  • TV and Radio guesting to promote wellness and prevent diseases with the use of natural remedies.

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