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Dr. Jessica de Leon is a medical graduate of the University of the Philippines-College of Medicine. She is a traditional and alternative medicine and public health practitioner skilled in the integration of traditional and alternative modalities with mainstream medicine. She has demonstrated abilities in body-mind interventions, energy medicine or life force nourishment, homeopathy and homotoxicology, acupuncture, heavy metal detoxification, nutritional medicine, natural remedies as well as health promotion.

She started dabbling in Body-Mind techniques at the age of twelve. By the time she got to premed, she was given the opportunity to dedicate her life to bringing out the best in every living being through the discipline of Integrative Medicine. Since then, she has been the beneficiary of trainings here and abroad on traditional and alternative health care as well as healthy lifestyle.

She facilitates classes on various aspects of integrative medicine and healthy lifestyle, such as structured trainings on body-mind interventions, energy (pranic) healing, acupuncture, etc.

Specialized Treatments & Services

  • Acupuncture 60 min
  • Electroacupuncture 60 min
  • Facial Enhancement Acupuncture 60 min
  • Guided Meditation 60 min
  • Crystal Healing 60 min
  • Life Force Nourishment 60 min


Pranic Healing is a science and art of healing that utilizes prana, ki, or life energy to heal the

whole physical body. It also involves the manipulation of ki and bioplasmic matter of the

patient’s body. It has been called medical qigong (ki kung or ki healing), psychic healing, vitalic

healing, therapeutic touch, laying of the hand, magnetic healing, among others.

Some of the benefits of Pranic Healing include:

- regulating and boosting the immune system

- reducing the side effects of biologicals such as chemotherapeutic agents

- mitigating the impact of radiation toxicity

- healing a wide range of physical ailments from fever, aches and pains to more

- psycho-emotional afflictions such as stress, depression, addictions, phobias,

- protection against negative and psychic contaminations; generation of “good luck”

- cultivating one’s inner life and spirituality. 


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