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Organix Neutriceuticals International Inc. established the Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS) as its educational arm in 1988 and has been in the forefront of educating the many who wish to earn degrees and certificates on Natural Healing.

The Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS) is the new name of the school that started teaching Iridology 30 years ago. It was then named the Iridology Foundation of the Philippines (IFP) and it was the pioneer in the natural health revolution of the early eighties. It opened the eyes of many of our countrymen to the wonderful miracles that nature cure can bring using the eye as the focal point for analyzing the different body conditions. Many of the thousands of students of IFP developed to be responsible natural health practitioners and are now known as the leaders of alternative health care.

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Many realize that the "eyes are the windows of the soul" and we have proven that it is also the "window of the body" and with Iridology as its main foundation we have grown and expanded the courses of the institute to develop Wellness Partners, Certified Natural Nutritionis(CNN), Natural Health Coach (NHC)s and Certified Naturopath Practitioners or CNP's.

Our Mission is to seek and teach each student how to be truly healthy and to make them instruments to teach others to be healthy too. They have to “walk their talk”.

The basic and first certificate course offered by IFP then was “Iridollogy and its Correlation to Nutrition.” Over 15,000 students have now graduated from this basic course and majority have enhanced their education by adding the other courses given by PINS like Fundamentals of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutritional Medicine, Aromatherapy, Herbology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emotional Healing, Integrative Sclerology, Anatomy and Physiology and Healthy Cooking among others.

And so from our base course of Comprehensive Iridollogy, which now follows the international curriculum of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) so all graduates can take the examination for international certification and recognition, we have added all the necessary credits to get the basic certificate course called CNP or Certified Naturopath Practitioner which is now approved by our own Department of Health through the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care or PITAHC. PINS is the very first institute that has been approved and recognized by the Philippine government to offer the CNP certificate course. 


Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences has just partnered with the Southwest College of Natural Medicine of Arizona USA. An educational collaboration has been agreed between the two institutions and the curriculum for the Naturopoathic Doctor degree will be adopted by PINS. This will now help establish a real Naturopathic Physician degree in the Philippines.
PINS currently has a multidisciplinary curriculum in science based Natural Medicine with the emphasis of integrating body, mind, spirit and nature. PINS as the pioneer and leader in Alternative Medicine since its first courses on Iridollogy in 1988 now it continues to be in the forefront of teaching the most effective methods of natural healing in the country by leading professionals and experts in the industry, following the approved course by the USA.

Our goal for each of our various cerrtificate courses from the Wellness Partners, CNN, NHC, CNP, CMN to the ND is to be able to help patients and clients easily and effortlessly, with the end goal of making each one realize that they are the captains of their own body and soul.

Once the cause of the disease is known, using mainly the natural assessment tools of Iridollogy and Sclerology, followed by appropriate Natural Nutrition tools to insure the correct food intake of a patient/client for proper absorption and assimilation to jumpstart a cure. If immediate remedies are called for then Homeopathy, Acupuncture and other Energy Medicine modalities are applied among others. We realize that almost all ailments have an emotional cause and different emotional release therapies can be used to relieve negative disease causing emotions.

This process we have used thousands of times to lead the pathway to perfect health. This same pathway is what PINS aims to teach to all CNP hopefuls. This is the same path that we will teach the many patients who will enter our doors to re-learn how to be in perfect health.

PINS is here to educate the Leaders of Natural Health!

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